Exfoliation – How Much is Too Much?

//Exfoliation – How Much is Too Much?

Exfoliation – How Much is Too Much?

Exfoliation delivers a tighter, firmer, smoother look and feel of skin. Because of this result, many fall into the trap of over-exfoliation which can actually reduce the skin’s vitality and make it more susceptible to damage from UV light.

Over-exfoliation triggers the inflammatory response in the skin, leading to a compromised lipid barrier that won’t function properly, a sensitised skin condition, and accelerated premature ageing as it is more prone to environmental damage, such as sun, wind, pollution.

Tell-tale signs of over-exfoliated skin include:

  • Noticeable dehydration
  • Patchy areas of dryness
  • Skin tautness
  • Redness and itchiness
  • Increased sensitivity, and
  • Inflammatory acne and irritation.

If you’re showing the signs of over-exfoliation, speak with a professional skin therapist who will most likely prescribe a calming cleanser and toner and a protective moisturiser to start the recovery process. Sun protection is a must: wear a sunscreen with physical UV blockers such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which won’t irritate skin.

After skin recovery, begin exfoliating with a gentle exfoliant designed for daily use. If you desire a more intense level of exfoliation, look to non-abrasive exfoliants containing chemicals like salicylic or lactic acid. Pair a more gentle regimen with professional exfoliation treatments from your professional skin therapist to enjoy smoother skin without the undesirable side effects.

My pick is Skin Prep Scrub and Gentle Cream Exfoliant.