Autumn’s Beauty Column for Eternity Brides

//Autumn’s Beauty Column for Eternity Brides

Autumn’s Beauty Column for Eternity Brides


With the warmer weather behind us and the temperature gauge dropping, the air is getting drier. It’s time to adjust your beauty regimen and we are here to help! Many clients who come to Lime often come in with the same beauty issue at this time of year. With autumn brides wanting to look their absolute best, we are sharing our beautify tips and hints to ensure that your bridal glow will have you beaming on your big day!

The effects of a hot summer and the scorching sun’s rays usually means that many women will end up with much drier, rougher, dehydrated and dull skin. We like to call it the ‘summer aftermath’! Popular treatments such as microdermabrasion and skin renewal peels for exfoliation are the key to amazingly beautiful skin.

Here are some steps to help you reduce the summer aftermath on your skin and prepare to shine for your big day:

  1.  Prepare your skin for the cooler months by getting into regular moisturising routines.
    Now is the perfect time to switch to a good quality, richer, creamier moisturiser that will be kind to your skin and rebuild it to be bridal beautiful. A moisturiser that incorporates a hydrating booster and masque for extra nutrients and replenishment will also assist with any skin flakiness and will help give your skin that fresh new look you are after for stunning soft skin on your wedding day.
  2.  You can use the best moisturiser that money can buy and get the top brands, but if you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly then you will only be moisturising dead skin, so it won’t be effective.
    Incorporating exfoliating twice a week in the shower at home will make a big difference for your whole skincare regime and results.
  3. Most importantly—and something that many ladies can forget or feel they don’t have time to do—is be sure to wear sunscreen every day. Try and incorporate it in a tinted moisturiser option or a primer with SPF ingredients and qualities. 15 + or 30+ is ideal but be sure to read the labels and all ingredients.
  4.  The cooler weather can dry our eyes and investing in a good quality eye treatment cream is a must! Next time you have a facial, be sure to add on a specialised eye treatment; this will really help lift your eyes and the sensitive skin surround them.
  5. We must remember to take care of our hands whilst we attend to our facial and whole body skin care. Our hands are constantly exposed to cooler weather and other elements in everyday life. Keep a non-greasy hand-cream  near your bedside table or in your handbag and be sure not to forget your cuticles!
  6. Drink lots of water and keep drinking in the lead up to your big day!
    Hydration is everything. No wonder the models always look so good, they always make sure they carry water with them! H2O is free, and it is good for your whole body and soul! You will be looking fresh and revitalised in no time! We recommend 2 litres of water per day if you can. Try adding some fresh lemon or lime for that extra zesty taste!
  7. If you are opting to have a spray tan for your big day, we recommend that you exfoliate beforehand. Once the tan is applied, you have let it rest and rinsed it off, make sure you moisturise with a non-perfumed moisturiser. Your skin is drier in cooler months, and you want your tan to look fresh on the big day! We recommend having it done two or three days prior or the day before if you can.We hope that these tips for autumn brides and bridal parties have been helpful. If you have any questions or need any more advice, feel free to drop us a line at 54438201. You can like us on Facebook . We also love to look after our Eternity brides-to-be and their bridal parties, so if you book with us in the future, be sure to tell us where you heard about us! Wishing you all beautiful wedding days in the future!
    Remember to enjoy each and every moment and most of all, not to stress. It’s your time to shine. Smile, take deep breaths and embrace every single moment!